Time for younger World Cups!

After the World Cup for men and women in recent weeks, it is now time for the younger bandy elite. The coming weekend the World Cup for Girls 17 will be held in Vetlanda, in southern Sweden, and the Mini World Cup for Boys 15, in Bollnäs in the middle of Sweden.

is settled between 10 teams from Sweden and Norway. From Norway comes
3 teams; Solberg SK, Hövik IF and Ready Bandy. From Sweden will IFK Motala, Skirö AIK, Surte/Kareby, Umedalens IF, AIK Solna, Uppsala BoIS and Villa Lidköping BK participate.

The tournament is decided for the sixth time and Villa Lidköping BK has won the last two years. On Friday 2 November and Saturday 3 November the qualification games are played in two groups of 5 teams each. On Sunday, November 4, placement matches, two semifinals and the final will be played.

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is played at Sävstaås Arena in Bollnäs. The tournament begins Friday 2 November with qualification games in 4 groups continuing on Saturday 3 November. On Sunday, November 4, the quarter finals will be played, the first one starting as early as 6:00 in the morning. Then the semi finals, match for 3rd prize and final in the Sunday afternoon.

The teams comes from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.
From Sweden comes Bollnäs GIF, IK Sirius, Falu BS, Spånga / Bromsten, Tillberga Västerås, IFK Vänersborg, Vetlanda BK, IFK Motala and Villa Lidköping BK. Norway is represented by Röa IL,
Solberg SK and IF Ready. From Finland comes Botnia-69 and Mikkelin Kampparit. The two Russian teams are Jenisej and Rodina/Kirov.

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