IK Sirius champions in Mini World Cup Boys 15!

IK Sirius, from Uppsala in Sweden, are new Mini World Cup Champions after a big victory in the tournament in Bollnäs, Sweden. Sirius defeated the Russian team Rodina/Kirov 4 goals to 1. The goals in the final: 0-1 Artur Shelpiakov, 1-1 Linus Axelsson, 2-1 Arvid Tapper, 3-1 Arvid Tapper and 4-1 Zakaria Holmén.

Sirius defeated Villa Lidköping 4-1 in the quarter final and Jenisej 3-2 in the semi final.

Rodina/Kirov defeated Bollnäs 5-3 in their quarter final and IFK Vänersborg 4-0 in the semi final.

FIB, Federation of International Bandy congratulates IK Sirius to their victory.

IFK Vänersborg defeated Jenisej 4-0 in the game for third place.

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