Old Boys World Cup coming up this week!

Lappeenranta (Vilmanstrand) in the south east of Finland and near the Russian border will host Old Boys World Cup this week. 9 teams with yesterdays stars will compete in two different groups. There will be teams from Russia, Finland and Sweden.

The qualification group matches will be played Thursday and Friday and the Final game will be played on Saturday afternoon at 16:00.

The teams from Russia are Krasnoyarsk, Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Korolev, Samara and Murmansk. The team from Finland is Veiterä and the Swedish team is Hammarby. FIB (Federation of International Bandy) will participate with a multinational team.

Group A:
Hammarby, Krasnoyarsk, Petersburg and Veiterä.

Group B:
Arkhangelsk, Korolev, Team FIB, Samara and Murmansk.

The opening game will start Thursday 10:00 am with the game Korolev-Samara. 

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